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**NOTE: the final copy of any document written or edited by Virtual Ink for a client belongs to the client. They are free to make edits, additions, and changes to the text as they see fit. In certain cases, the client has changed the final copy written by Virtual Ink Writing and Editing Services.

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I think you did a fabulous job in clarifying and outlining the offerings and services of Lois Interiors.  I’m so glad I went ahead with this with you.” Lois North, Lois Interiors

“Wow, Sonya. That is great work! Thanks so much!” Allison Bergen, InsureBC

“ it; thank you so much! I love the way it sounds, you are so good.” Jen Gilchrist, Lifetime Leisure Ltd.

“Every time I read this I love it more and more.” Dr. Ron Uppal, Holdom Chiropractic.

“I am so pleased to have you doing these blogs and newsletter for me! It feels like I don't have as much stress and I am not using all my time to construct the articles. I like the smooth flow you have and the reading is easy and interesting. Thanks so much Sonya!!!!!!” Karen Tyrell, Personalised Dementia Solutions