I offer a range of writing and editing services, including but not limited to the following:

Business documents

News Releases
Business Letters
Sales Letters
Advertising Copy
Website Copy
Direct Mail Copy
Product and Service Manuals
Brochures and Pamphlets
Press Kit Material
Marketing Brochures
Company Profiles
Ad Copy for Radio
Request for Proposals (RFP)
Business Blogs

Personal documents

Personal Letters
Personal Blogs and Websites
Wedding Speeches
Ghost Writing







Creating Website Copy and Content:

Your bio on your website starts with, "hello, my name is," and your products are shown only in images. You're not sure how to describe your expertise, what you can offer your client, how you can solve your customer's problems, and why they should use your business. Turn to a professional writer who can offer succinct and powerful messages to help you communicate with your customers.

Writing and Editing Resumes and Cover Letters:

You haven't had to update your resume for years, but now a fantastic job opportunity has you interested in a change. Let us create a tailored resume and cover letter to show off your skills and get you noticed.

Creating Newsletters:

You're spending hours trying to create newsworthy content, and still aren't sure the words you've written will grab or keep anyone's attention. Let us setup a regular newsletter schedule with newsworthy and useful features that'll keep your readers/customers ever entertained and interested in what you have to say.

Blogging and Blog Content:

You've created a blog for your business, but for months, all you have to show for is the blog site's original post - "Hello World!" You're having difficulty creating new content, and need a writer's help - we're here to blog for you (ongoing, creative, and useful information to show your business's expertise).

Need a Professional Writer and Editor for Your Business Report, Project or Presentation?

  • When different departments work on a project, the many documents created are usually puzzle pieces that need fine tuning before they can be presented. We'll edit these documents and merge them together to show off one unified, clear and logical document.

  • You've got a rough draft of a business report that needs to be understood by the high-ups in corporate. Let us give it a spit polish with a round of proofreading and editing; it'll make you look good (intelligent, knowledgeable, and capable).

  • We'll write and create your PowerPoint presentation, whether you need to pitch a product to a potential investor, or present information to customers at a trade show.

Not listed above?

If you require writing or editing services for a project not listed, please contact me at to discuss its specifications.

I require a two-week (14 days) turn around for most projects, but I may need longer for lengthier contracts. For deadlines as short as overnight and up to five days I charge a 15% fee on the final price.